Forestfireindex EOL July 1st

Some product changes, mainly of interest to Norwegian users:


This product will be terminated on July 1st, as it has been replaced by MetAlerts on the new Yr website. We are working on a new map-based service, which is currently in beta and available on

The old site will link to this after July 1st. We are also working on making the raw data files avaiable on as NetCDF files, more info on this later.


On June 1st we will start using a new tool for making SIG-WX charts. The images will look somewhat different and have other dimensions, but will be available on the same URL as before. We are planning to add a Nordic map later, in which case we might be bumping the version number. More info on this later.

Lightning warnings

On June 15th, we will add a "lightning" type to MetAlerts. This will only be of yellow severity, and signify events with a large amount of lightning strikes.


On June 1st, the route Korpfjell-ENKR will be removed, and the Stangnestind-ENKR route added.