Location Forecast

Get a weather forecast for any location on earth

This service gives you a weather forecast for the next 9-10 days for the geographic coordinates you specify. The forecast is encoded in json, with many different parameters, such as air temperature, precipitation and wind speed.


Continuously improved by researchers at MET Norway and by using source data of high quality.


Frequently updated, as new source data comes in.


A large number of forecast parameters for every location on earth.


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  • version 2.0 out of beta: 2020-06-17

    Version 1.9 will probably be available until 1 Dec 2020. Please follow our mailing list for more details....
  • version 2.0 : 2020-06-10

    Removed "/" endpoint, must now use complete/compact/classic...
  • version 2.0 : 2020-04-02

    Beta period nearing completion.XML is now split into different "classic" method.Stricter controls on User-Agent header to avoid throttling....